Lineage 2 Classics Seven Signs Java Emulator

L2jPDT - L2j Private Developers Team is providing playable Java emulator for game Lineage 2 Classics Seven Signs.

We are a professional developers team.

We have been operating for 4 years and have started on chronicle Freya. Now we are developing Classics Seven Signs update.

  • Clean source
  • No backdoors
  • Readable code
  • Using XML
  • Stable core
  • New skills
  • New items
  • New AIs
  • New features
  • Custom features
  • Support 24/7
  • Stable updates
  • Tested updates
  • Private SVN
  • Best choose

Some of last works

Some of the latest work that has been implemented in the code and is now available on SVN.

How does the bug report work?


Report to us via email form or Skype

What next?

After reading your bug report, we have to check if it is really an error or just a mistake. We will inform you about the repair process.

What next?

After we tested the new fix for error, you will be able to download this fix from SVN.